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Welcome Day for new students


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Discover the campus, your faculty, the students services, the students associations and all the activities related to university life.

Welcome Day for new students, Friday 15th September 2017

Amphimax building, Erna Hamburger auditorium


10:00 Amphimax, Erna Hamburger auditorium

11:00 Amphipôle, hall

  • Booths of the UNIL services, the students associations and all the activities related to university life.

12:00 and 15:00

Guided tours of the UNIL campus organised by the Federation of Students Associatons (FAE).

13:00 information sessions for Bachelors students*

  • Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions
    14:00, Anthropole 5021
  • Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration
    13:00, Internef 263
  • School of Criminal Justice
    14:00, Amphipôle A
  • Faculty of Arts
    14:15, Anthropole 1031
  • Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
    13:00, Anthropole 1031
  • Faculty of Business and Economics
    14:30, Amphimax, Erna Hamburger auditorium
  • Faculty of Geosciences and Environment
    14:00, Amphipôle D
  • Faculty of Biology and Medicine (with Pharmacy)
    13:00, Amphimax, Erna Hamburger auditorium

Organisation: Vocational Guidance and Careers Service (orientation@unil.ch or +41 21 692 21 30).

Persons with disabilities

If you need assistance during this day, please contact the Vocational Guidance and Careers Service (orientation@unil.ch or +41 21 692 21 30). 

UNIL services for persons with disabilities: www.unil.ch/handicap.




The easiest way to reach the University of Lausanne is by public transport, parking is limited on the campus.

Metro m1. Starting stations: Lausanne-Flon or Renens-Gare. Destination: UNIL-Sorge.
Bus 31. Starting Stations: Renens Gare-Sud or Venoge-Sud. Destination: UNIL-Sorge. 

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Succeeding at UNIL

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