Presenting Research in English (for Doctoral Students and Researchers) - during intersemesters

Do you use English in conferences or seminars? Do you want to express yourself more confidently in English? This module is for you!

attention.jpg This module is for doctoral students, researchers and teachers in all disciplines

Learning outcomes

  • Present and talk about one's research field in a structured way
  • Express one's ideas and opinions clearly
  • Ask and answer questions appropriately and relevantly
  • Structure and give an effective formal presentation
  • Give and receive constructive feedback


Speaking practice in formal and informal situations

Practical information

Pre-registration period only for intersemester courses Dates
Dates (2020) Winter intersemester
Summer intersemester
Friday 17 and 24 January
Thursday 11 and 18 June
Duration 2 days 7 periods/days (9h00-16h00)
Required level From B1 Level descriptor
Centre de langues courses are only for members of the UNIL community – with a few exceptions All information
Fees for this specific module UNIL doctoral students
UNIL researchers
UNIL Teaching staff
CHF 108.-
CHF 144.-
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