Jolanda van Leeuwen, tenure-track Assistant Professor

Jolanda van Leeuwen performed her PhD research in the lab of Dr. Nico Vermeulen at VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands), where she discovered genetic factors that affect the toxicity of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. After obtaining her PhD in 2011, she joined the labs of Drs. Charlie Boone and Brenda Andrews at the University of Toronto (Canada), where she mapped networks of genetic interactions in yeast. She is joining the Center for Integrative Genomics in April 2018 as Assistant Professor.

Research summary

The sequencing of thousands of humans has led to the identification of people that are healthy despite carrying mutations that have been directly associated with severe early-onset Mendelian diseases, such as cystic fibrosis. A plausible explanation is that these individuals carry secondary mutations elsewhere in the genome that can compensate for the deleterious effect of the disease-associated mutation, a phenomenon referred to as genetic suppression. However, we currently lack the expertise to identify these suppressor mutations among the millions of variants scattered across the genomes of these resilient individuals.

The main research mission of the Van Leeuwen lab is to use functional genomics tools to improve our understanding of how mutations can interact to produce unexpected phenotypes, and how this determines the severity of genetic traits. Our research specifically focusses on suppression interactions, in which the accumulation of secondary mutations elsewhere in the genome can compensate for the deleterious effects of the primary mutation. Understanding the general mechanisms of suppression will aid the identification of the genes in which suppressing mutations can occur, which in turn can define molecular mechanisms of disease and identify potential drug targets to guide the development of therapeutics.

To study suppression interactions, we use high-throughput genetic analysis in both yeast and human cells. Current projects include:

  • Expanding the suppressor network in yeast and decipher general rules of suppression to allow us to predict these interactions in human genomes.

  • Investigating the role of suppressor mutations in tumor development and chemotherapy resistance.

  • Technology development for high-throughput analysis of suppression interactions in cultured mammalian cells.

  • Exploring suppression phenotypes involving more than two genes, to understand how multiple mutations can combine to yield phenotypes.

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Key Publications

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