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Doctorate at the UNIL

The Doctorate covers the doctoral training period in the strict sense. It includes two phases, the first oriented towards a broadening of knowledge and scientific methods and the acquisition of research skills through insertion in a research team, the second devoted to writing and defending a thesis. Both phases combine an element of training and an element of intellectual development.

The University of Lausanne awards 26 different doctoral qualifications in its seven faculties (see list below). The doctoral thesis, the final stage of university training, reflects the acquisition of advanced professional skills in the field of research. Over a period of from three to five years, generally on a full-time basis, writing of the thesis and doctoral training allow students to specialise in one of the University’s research fields.

To register for a doctorate at the UNIL, candidates must obtain the approval of a professor prepared to supervise their work (according to procedures in force in each faculty) and satisfy the registration conditions of the UNIL.

Conditions and deadlines for registration as a doctoral student at the UNIL:

In several fields, doctoral training is offered on a structured basis.
See the list of Doctoral Schools and doctoral programmes.

Doctorates shown in italics are common to more than one UNIL faculty.


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Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions

Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Faculty of Business and Economics

Faculty of Geosciences and Environment

Faculty of Biology and Medicine

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Last updated: 13 March 2017

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