UNIL is an active member of several university networks.

UNICA network

UNICA network

UNICA is a network of 46 universities based in 35 European capitals. It expresses the views of members of the network to the European institutions and to national, regional and municipal governments. It provides a forum for discussing strategic changes in research, education and administration.

Alliance Campus Rhodanien

The “Alliance Campus Rhodanien” network was formed in 2017 to strengthen the academic synergies between the University of Geneva, Grenoble Alpes University, the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, the University of Lausanne and the University of Lyon.

A joint start-up fund, with each partner managing its own contribution, has been set up to support the development of joint academic projects. The first call for projects was launched at the end of 2017. An e-mail will be sent to UNIL teaching staff when the next call is open.


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Scholars at Risk

UNIL is a member of Scholars at Risk, an international network of universities that aims to protect academics who are under threat because of their research, prevent attacks on the scientific community and promote academic freedom.

Scholars at Risk protects academics who are under threat, in particular by finding posts in the network’s member institutions for those who need to flee. In most cases, this is an invited researcher or professor post for one or two semesters.

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Venice International University

In 2014, UNIL joined Venice International University, which offers a programme focusing on human and social sciences during the autumn semester, and environmental issues in the spring. Each partner university sends a member of teaching staff to VIU on secondment each semester and can send between 10 and 15 students.

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