Print from Linux

Setting PrintOffice up on Linux is possible thanks to the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS); the procedure is therefore the same for any Linux distribution.


  1. Install “cups foomatic” and “smbclient” if they are not already installed on your system. The procedure varies according to Linux distributions, but a quick search using your favourite web search engine should give you all the details you need to install these packages.
  2. Go to localhost:631 using a web browser.
  3. Select : "Add Printer"
  4. Select "Windows Printer via SAMBA"
  5. Type the following address : smb://username:password@AD/
    Change "username" with your UNIL username et "password" with your UNIL password. Be careful to keep the ":" between your username and password. 
  6. Type "PrintOffice" on the field labelled "Name"
  7. Under the option "Make", select "Generic"
  8. Choose "Generic PostScript Printer Foomatic/Postscript"
  9. Select the default settings (make sure to choose Double-sided Printing)
  10. In order to install PrintOffice-Couleur printer, get back to step 5 with the address smb://username:password@AD/
  11. You can now print your documents on PrintOffice by choosing the printers PrintOffice and PrintOffice-Couleur