On-demand Preparation of Media and Consumables


The CIG technical service centrally prepares standard yeast culture plates for internal users. The service can also support CIG users with the on-demand bulk preparation of specific media and culture plates, etc.


  • Preparation of petri dishes and LB media for bacteria
  • Preparation of multiwell plates for yeast mutants screenings
  • Please contact us for any specific request

Terms of use of the service

The service is free but users will usually provide their reagents.

General terms apply as described here. Summary of the major point:

In order to keep track of groups use of the service, users need to record the quantity of petri bags taken, on the log page located next to the stock of petri dishes.


For any service request please contact cig_media-consumables@unil.ch to ensure proper transmission of information to the staff.

Philippe L'Hôte philippe.lhote@unil.ch 4012 021 692 39 24
Frédéric Preitner,
frederic.preitner@unil.ch 5023 021 692 41 43



  • Media Plate pourer