Valorization of Internal Resources


The scientific services strive at facilitating the access to all relevant internal common resources to CIG users.



Request a service: please contact

Christiane Freymond
Equipment/Consumable 2026 021 692 41 38
Guy Niederhauser
Workshop/Repairs 1022.2 021 692 39 52
Frédéric Preitner
Coordinator 5023 021 692 41 43

Terms of use of the service

The service is free.

General terms apply as described here. Summary of main points:

CIG covers expenses related to maintenance, repair and replacement of its park of common equipment. Therefore, interventions from external repair services can be organized by equipment managers only once they receive approval from SSC.

Internal Resources

Research protocols

See respective service facility pages for relevant protocols

Research models

Find a consumable – chemical rooms

Christiane Freymond takes care of the maintenance of the chemical rooms and of the chemical / biological stocks in these rooms.

Find-an-equipment inventory

Request a purchase / move / maintenance / repair of an equipment

List of external service providers

Service providers selected for their proficiency, proximity to CIG and reactiveness (please contact us