The exams

The Certificate of Qualification in French consists of 3 exams:

  • A reading and listening comprehension exam (90 minutes); 
  • An oral exam (15 minutes); 
  • A writing exam (90 minutes);  

To see an example of each exam and a presentation of the evaluation criteria, click here.

Short film of the oral exam

Results transmission

After the three exams, you will receive an email mentioning the level reached for each exam and the global level of the CQF.

You will then receive the two official documents by postmail:

  • The Certificate of qualification in French with your global language level (this level is an average of the levels reached in the three exams)
  • The official grades report with the level reached for each exam and the explanation of the average calculation

Means of recourse

For all information regarding the means of recourse procedure, please contact the secretarial office of the Cours de vacances.


Information about the evaluators of the exams

The evaluators responsible for administering the oral and written exams are all teachers of French as a foreign language employed by the Cours de vacances, who have at least two years' experience in teaching French as a foreign language and the required university degrees. In addition, these experts have been specially trained for this task through in-house training provided by the Cours de vacances. They have received accreditation, which they can maintain by participating in the ongoing training courses regularly organised by the Cours de vacances.


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