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We investigate principles that drive multicellular organization and function.
We are interested in a variety of systems, from microbial communities to organs. We do single cell experiments with microbial communities and we collaborate with groups working on other multicellular systems. We build computational models to uncover how interactions between single cells drive collective behavior and function.

Our group is interested in microbial ecology. Microbial communities perform fundamental processes on Earth. Microbial communities in the soil and the sea cycle the elements, and microbial communities in our gut shape our health. The processes that these microbial communities perform arise from interactions between different species. Our goal is to uncover the network of interaction inside microbial communities and understand how collective processes arise. We address this question with single-cell experiments and modeling. We measure how single cells interact inside microbial communities, often using microscopy and microfluidics. We model these communities as systems composed of parts - the cells - that interact in space. With these models, we elucidate how properties of microbial communities (e.g. collective metabolism,response to environmental fluctuations and stresses) arise from the interactions that we observe between the single cells.

Our group is interested in collective behaviour. Cells have the intrinsic ability to self-organize into functional assemblies, like organs and tissues. A central question is how cells are programmed to grow into these functional assemblies. We model physical and biological interactions occurring in multicellular systems and use machine learning methods to uncover which cell-to-cell interactions lead to specific collective behaviour. Our group combines theoretical approaches with single-cell experimental data. We are excited to collaborate with experimental groups working on different multicellular systems.



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