The Equal Opportunities Office is a service of the University of Lausanne, which carries out its mission of promoting equality independently and in particular performs the following tasks:

  • Advise the Rectorate on equality issues, particularly in the areas of recruitment and career promotion.
  • Develop an Action Plan for the Rectorate that includes measures to balance gender representation and then monitor its implementation.
  • Raise awareness in the academic community, through the organisation of events and training, of issues related to gender equality and discrimination related to gender and sexual orientation.
  • Monitor professoral recruitment procedures from an “equality” perspective.
  • Collect statistics and information related to its mission.
  • Advise people who consider themselves to be victims of discrimination and refer them to the relevant bodies.
  • Collaborate with the human resources department on the prevention of sexual harassment.


The Equal Opportunities Office at UNIL works to:   

Encourage and support...

  •     ... the success of women's careers, with career support programs, training workshops and grants.
  •     ... equal recruitment, through the monitoring of professoral recruitment procedures from an “equality” perspective and awareness raising of gender stereotypes.    
  •     ... the prevention of sexual harassment.
  •     ... the use of inclusive communication, through a practical guide and training workshops.
  •     ... parents, with childcare offers, financial assistance and information, as well as family carers.
  •     ... the Rectorate and the faculties, in the development and implementation of equality action plans.

Inform and advise...

  •     ... students, staff and management of UNIL on all matters related to equality.
  •     ... in cases of direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  •     ... through various publications, equality monitoring at UNIL and through training or events.