Therapeutic innovation

The healthcare sector is a complex and challenging environment which is undergoing significant and rapid changes. Within this sector, the Pharmaceutical industry is facing increasing challenges coming from the different players, from the market with increasing competition, regulatory requirements and cost containment pressure and from the inside with loss of R&D productivity, need for efficiency, quality issues and supply shortages. In this changing environment, innovation is critical to secure sustainability.

This course will provide an overview of:

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry trends and challenges;
  • The way Pharma companies are organized and operate;
  • How drugs are developed, produced and supplied to market;
  • How development projects and portfolio are managed and decisions taken;
  • The current hurdles and constraints the pharmaceutical companies are facing.

You will be provided with insights on the strategic options available and which innovation can be expected to realistically contribute to a successful transformation within the industry.

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Association of MBAs (AMBA) EFMD EQUIS Accredited Quantitative Techniques for Economics & Management (QTEM)