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| Getting your PhD off to a good start | Preparing to present your thesis to a jury and to the public (in French) | How to express my supervision needs to my supervisor | Writing Retreat for PhD students (in FRENCH)

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Getting your PhD off to a good start

Starting an ambitious project like a PhD requires planning, time management, work discipline and a clear mind around goals, expectations, and respective roles between the PhD candidate and the supervisor.

In this half-day workshop, we cover the following topics through short presentations and discussion:

  • The key stages of a doctorate at UNIL and the Code of Practice for the Doctorate.
  • The rights and obligations of doctoral candidates and their supervisors, and the ways in which we can establish effective and adapted communication.
  • The challenges doctoral candidates can encounter, and how to deal with them.
  • Methods for time and task management.
  • Professional paths and futures for doctoral holders (careers within and beyond academia).

Target group: PhD candidates (first or second semester) from all faculties

Facilitator: Dr Pauline Fritsch, Graduate Campus

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Preparing to present your thesis to a jury and to the public (in French)

Goals of the Workshop

  • Distinguish the context of the jury examination from that of the public presentation
  • How best to prepare the public presentation
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to respond to the Jury

You will be asked to bring a 5 minute presentation of your PhD research.

Target public: doctoral candidates (2 to 6 months before the jury examination or public presentation) from all faculties

Facilitator: Dr Mélanie Bosson, Graduate Campus


How to express my supervision needs to my supervisor

In order to built a good relation with your supervisor, you can contact the Graduate Campus to discuss topics as:

  • The doctoral supervision process
  • Your role and the role of your supervisor in this relationship
  • Tools to analyse your needs and express them to your supervisor

Contact: Dr Pauline Fritsch,



Writing Retreat for PhD students (in FRENCH)

In collaboration with the HES-SO.

A 3-day retreat with full board in a beautiful place that promotes concentration, allowing you to focus on writing your thesis, or a scientific article, or other writing project.

Up to 21 hours of productive writing in 3 days, come and try!

The first edition of this retreat is planned from Thursday 30 June to Saturday 2 July 2022 at Crêt-Bérard between Lausanne and Palézieux.

If it is a success, this activity will be repeated every year.

This retreat is inspired by those organised for several years in Canada by " Thèsez-vous ? "

During this retreat, we will combine the Pomodoro, SMART-ER goal and Kanban board methods, and boost them with a collective approach to writing inspired by " Thèsez-vous ? "

We take care of everything, accommodation, meals, activities, you focus on your writing goals!

For more information, including the provisional programme, and for registrations, please see the HES-SO website.

Target group: Considering the limited number of places (14 for the first edition), priority will be given to doctoral students at the beginning or end of their thesis who have precise and realistic writing objectives (e.g. writing a section of the thesis project/plan, first version of a thesis chapter, writing the results part of a thesis article, etc.).

Contact: Dr Pauline Fritsch,, 021.692.21.2

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