Internship MDE

Important information

  • Number of credits worth: 15 ECTS credits
  • Students may present their master's thesis once they have obtained 39 credits in the module 1 of their Master studies
  • Duration: 2 months but flexible for MDE, can be prolonged
  • Period: at any time but preferably during the summer following the first year of the course


  • Full-time (80% accepted). A part-time internship is accepted at a rate of minimum 50%, must be validated by the Direction of the master, the duration being 4 months minimum, 6 months maximum
  • Under the supervision of a company tutor and a HEC Lausanne professor for the dissertation
  • The content of the internship must first be accepted by the professor and the Master Committee
  • The contract has to be signed by the company, the student and the professor
  • Validation of the Internship with a written report. Conditions and rules are defined in the regulations of each programme
  • Viva
  • Students must register for the thesis examination DURING the examination registration period, in the same way as for other examinations in previous semesters

Internship sequence


  1. Students must find a company internship by themselves. Please view the link to the Career Center and our page "Internship Offers" (
  2. The company confirms the internship.
  3. The student finds a professor from HEC Lausanne who agrees to supervise his/her internship thesis.
  4. Validation of internship together with the content of the internship.
  5. Application forms "Convention de stage" (Internship agreement) and "Déclaration relative à la confidentialité" (Declaration of confidentiality) have to be completed and signed by the company.
  6. They have to be submitted to Isabelle Sutherland.
Return at the beginning of the internship
Formulaire de non-plagiat  (55 Ko)

Sequence for an internship dissertation


  1. The Master thesis is supervised by a professor from HEC Lausanne. Regular contacts between the student and the professor are necessary. At least two meetings and regular contact by email and telephone.
  2. The thesis is submitted. It must contain a summary. One bound paper copy must be submitted respectively to the professor, the expert, the tutor.
  3. Viva in the presence of the expert, the professor and the company tutor. The professor fixes the date of the viva in agreement with the student, the expert and the company tutor.
  4. The student informs Isabelle Sutherland by mail of the date of the viva.
  5. The professor sends the graded form "Formulaire de validation du mémoire de stage" (Validation of the internship thesis) to the administration.
  6. The student submits one bound copy graded and signed by the professor to Isabelle Sutherland.

Important dates:

  • Submission of the thesis at the end of the internship
  • Presentation of viva flexible – if 39 compulsory credits from module 1 have been obtained. If 75 credits obtained, the student has 6 months to do the viva’s presentation.

Theses written by students

List of theses' titles
2018-MDE-Internship Theses  (600 Ko)
2017-MDE-Internship Theses  (259 Ko)
2016-MDE-Internship Theses  (250 Ko)
2015-MDE-Internship Theses  (251 Ko)
2014-MDE-Internship Theses  (249 Ko)
2013-MDE-Internship Theses  (241 Ko)
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