Swiss National Science Foundation

From the beginning of 2019, 14 projects from 16 HEC Lausanne researchers were selected to receive funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF):

  • Conti A.
    Understanding the determinants of startup financial and innovative performance outcomes 
    CHF 382'936, 48 months
  • Dong M., Rockinger M.
    Text Mining Banks' Pillar 3 Reports: Dictionary, Topic Analysis, and Prediction
    CHF 178'418, 36 months 
  • Efferson C., Vogt S.
    The Promise and the Peril of Applied Cultural Evolution
    CHF 1'238'967 CHF, 48 months 
  • Esposito E.
    Reconciliation Narratives, the Birth of a Nation after the US Civil War
    CHF 400'405, 36 months 
    Project partners: Saia A., Thoenig M.
  • Hamikov R.
    Behavioral considerations in market design: Dynamic matching mechanisms 
    CHF 622’446, 48 months 
  • Huguenin K., Cherubini M.
    Dissuasive Techniques against Online Privacy Violations by Individuals
    CHF 99'800, 12 months 
  • Krings F.
    Fighting discrimination at employment: Can applicants help reduce bias?
    CHF 618’150, 48 months 
  • Maurer J.
    Healthy Ageing in the Face of Death: Preferences, Communication, Knowledge and Behaviors Regarding End of Life and End-of-life Planning Among Older Adults in Switzerland
    CHF 390'620, 36 months 
    Project partners: Borrat-Besson C., Jox R.,  and Borasio G.
  • Scheidegger S., Kübler F., Schenk O., Folini D.
    Can Economic Policy Mitigate Climate-Change?
    CHF 1'500'000, 48 months 
  • Schlager T.
    How Virtual Reality Affects Consumer Choice
    CHF 453'309, 48 months 
  • Schmid Mast M., Sandi C. 
    Go Where No-One Has Gone: Virtual Reality for Interpersonal Skills Training
    CHF  1'594'190, 48 months 
  • Schmid Mast M.
    Behavioral Adaptability
    CHF 591'754, 48 months 
  • Tischbirek A.
    Evaluating Macro Policies with Micro Data - The Effects of Monetary Policy at the Household Level 
    CHF 89'629, 18 months 
  • Marti J., Peytremann-Bridevaux I., Wagner J., Perraudin C., Bugnon O.
    How to improve care integration, coordination and continuity? Designing policy from population needs and preferences
    CHF 360'640, 24 months 
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