Morphometry and statistical treatments

Form constitutes a holistic parameter from which a lot of information retrieved : growth conditions, speciation, recording of environmental parameters, etc. Nevertheless, understanding a form, which is aboveall a qualitative parameter, is a difficult task. Mathematics provide all the necessary fundamental tools and concepts to make the extraction of quantitative form variables possible : this is the aim of morphometry. The Biogeosciences Laboratory has developed methods in this area using tools such as the DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform), the Fourier Transform, the wavelet transform, and fractal analysis. These methods have been applied to objects without landmarks such as mollusk shells and corals (Figure 1). Finally, the Biogeosciences Laboratory develops methods of multivariate statistical analysis with applications for data acquired both in the field and laboratory.


Morphometric study of corals


Participant: Eric Verrecchia
Collaboration: Damien Chappatte


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