Industrial Ecology


For the last 200 years, the process of industrialization has brought unprecedented benefits to humankind, but has also generated serious environmental concerns over the limited nature of key resources. The approach of industrial ecology constitutes an attempt to address these challenges by analogy with natural ecosystems that balance material and energy cycles. This analogy applies to industrial systems at various scales, from households to nations and the current socioeconomic system. Beyond issues related to pollution and environmental and supply chain management, a wide spectrum of topics are brought into account, ranging from finance and technology, to private and public sector involvement, global governance, social and cultural contexts.




Prof. Suren Erkman

Dr. Guillaume Massard, Dr. Frédéric Meylan, Dr. Marlyne Sahakian, Dr. Frédéric Piguet, Dr. Esposito Piergiuseppe

PhD Students: Loïc Leray, Ignes Contreiras


Research Projects