Association du corps intermédiaire et des doctorants de la Faculté des HEC (PhDnet)

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Steve Binggeli, President
Université de Lausanne
UNIL - Dorigny
CH-1015 Lausanne
Téléphone: ++41 21 692 33 81
Présentation de l'association

Created in 2005, the purpose of our association is to:

  • Put into practice an effective communication channel that facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge among PhD students in order to improve the quality of research. Next to this, we also want to give an overview of the work and research interests of all PhD students. Thereby we aim to enhance the collaboration across departments and facilitate contacts with external partners.

  • Tighten the social network among PhD student that will go beyond the dissertation and serve as a springboard for future opportunities. Therefore, we regularly organise social events.

  • Officially represent the interests of the PhD students from HEC, namely towards the faculty of HEC and the University of Lausanne.

PhDnet stands on four main sections, also called pillars:

Your First Steps: Consists in integrating the new doctoral students, helping them discover Lausanne and begin their thesis well.

Your Work: Aims promoting doctoral students' researches and enhancing relationships between doctoral students, thus facilitating knowledge sharing.

Your Fun: Enables inter-departmental relationships in a friendly atmosphere by organising social, cultural and sports events.

Your Future: Longs to forge a link between doctoral students and the private sector in order to give them career opportunities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

The PhDnet committee members

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