UNIL can count on its over 100 scientists and experts specialized in sports. Academic and pure research is carried out by researchers from the various faculties, brought together and coordinated by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Sports Research.

Emmauel Bayle, president of the center explains: “In the sports world, success is measured by the number of medals. We are taking a different approach and are integrating more factors into the equation”.

You can find our 12 research axis explained by our researchers in video below :

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Sports Research at UNIL with Bengt Kayser
Mental toughness is a key tool for a successful sports career with Roberta Antonini Philippe
REDs : the Centre of Research and Expertise in Anti-Doping Sciences with Raphaël Faiss
Sports hold a mirror up to the world with Patrick Clastres
Parity and gender issues in the context of sport with Lucie Schoch
How does playing sport change how our brain functions ? with Jérôme Barral & Nicolas Place
The benefits of altitude to improve athletes performance with Grégoire Millet
What drives athletes to take drugs ? with Fabien Ohl
The impact of sport on society with Emmanuel Bayle
How psychological faculties develop in young athletes with Denis Hauw
The effect of physical activity on people who lead sedentary lives with Davide Malatesta