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We teach Futures Literacy as a 21st Century skill.

Foresight is a well-known exercise, and scenario planning a widely used tool. Unfortunately, organizations too often conduct just a single activity and then set whatever they learn from it on the shelf. If companies want to use the future to build an effective strategy in the face of uncertainty, they need to set up a process of constant exploration — one that allows top managers to build permanent but flexible bridges between their actions in the present and their thinking about the future.

What’s necessary, in short, is not just imagination or scenarios, but the institutionalization of imagination and futures thinking. 

What individuals, organizations, and society need is a mature, integrated, and developed Futures Literacy and the ability to apply this skill to imagine and shape tomorrow’s society and world of work, never forgetting the fundamental place of humans within it

We provide Futures Literacy capability-building processes and tools and develop various educational programs for the Faculty, the University and a broader audience, in life or online.

As UN Secretary-General António Guterres stated in late 2020:

Futures Literacy enhances our ability to sense, and make sense of, our everchanging world”.

Futures literacy is indeed definitively a skill worthy of worldwide prioritization and we believe that a widespread societal uptake would give humanity a new capability which would help us all thrive in the growing and accelerating uncertainty defining our world today. The Center aims to create a broader participatory democracy in Futures Literacy and will develop educational programs on Futures and the use of Futures (Futures Literacy).

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