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Get your brain scanned
All volunteers older than 18 years are invited to take part in our research projects.
We use non-invasive brain imaging and behavioural testing to learn more about brain function and structure.
More info under Volunteer for research.
LRENs PhD student Anne Ruef receives the poster prize at the Annual Meeting of the Lemanic Neuroscience Programme for her work on brain anatomy in mood disorders within the NCCR Synapsy framework
LRENs Antoine Lutti with PNAS publication on the role of the habenula in negative motivational value encoding - congratulations!
LRENs Bogdan Draganski, Ferath Kherif and Antoine Lutti publish a review article on brain plasticity in special issue of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
LRENs PI Antoine Lutti with new publication in NeuroImage on discrimination of cortical laminae using MEG - well done!
LREN welcomes the new PI Marzia De Lucia, research fellows Athina Tzovara, Elsa Juan and MSc student Nathalie Ata Nguepnjo Nguissi
24 October - Human Brain Seminar with Christian Lambert - PhD, St George's University of London, Stroke and Dementia Research Centre, London
LRENs neuroimaging platform fully operational for imaging neuroscience projects in the Lemanic area - details on access to the MRI facility under Neuroimaging Platform
20-22 November - Lausanne SPM short course registration opening soon
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