IDYST Seminars

Autumn semester 2021

Talks will be primarily held on Monday at 16h15.

List of IDYST Speakers

Date Speakers Topic/Title
27/09 Grace Andrews Repurposing a paradigm: Enhanced chemical weathering as a climate change mitigation strategy
11/10 Antonio Abellan Bridging the gap between environmental research and practical applications: an overview of the Research center on the Alpine Environment (CREALP)
25/10 Leif Anderson A new theory to explain the thinning of debris-covered glaciers in response to climate change
08/11 Janine Rüegg Freshwater estuaries and the freshwater ecosystem framework
22/11 Florent Gimbert Expanding our knowledge on the dynamics of glaciers and rivers using original instrumentation and dedicated physical modeling
06/12 Markus Stoffel Melting ice – crumbling mountains: reconstructing past mass movements, anticipating future disasters




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