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Updated on December 20th, 2021

Health protection on campus

Valid until further notice

Winter 2022 exam session in person


Winter exam session will be in person, from 14 January to 5 February 2022.


The COVID certificate or the cantonal certificate provided in one of the UNIL test centres (see below) will be required to enter the rooms where the exams are held. Students who do not have either the certificate or the cantonal attestation will not be able to take the exams. This is a requirement of the cantonal regulations to which we are subject. These people would find themselves in a situation of unjustified absence, and therefore failure of the test in question.


Quarantine constitutes a just reason for the withdrawal of one or more exams, as explained in a directive from the Directorate available online (in French). In some cases, alternative solutions foreseen in the Faculty regulations, such as the possibility of a retake, will avoid that it costs the affected students a semester or even a year. If nothing of the sort exists, the faculties concerned will apply ad hoc solutions.

Graduation ceremonies in person

Graduation ceremonies scheduled between now and the end of the year will be able to take place in person, without any particular restriction of the capacity of the rooms. Everyone is still required to wear a mask, as is the COVID certificate (or the cantonal certificate for students).

The aperitifs are unfortunately cancelled.

Extended wearing of face masks on campus

In response to the arrival of a new variant and in addition to the measures put out for consultation by the Confederation, the Vaud State Council adapted its measures to combat COVID by means of a new cantonal decree, notably by extending the wearing of face masks.

For UNIL employees, this means that masks must be worn in enclosed spaces where more than one person is present, including vehicles used for professional purposes, from Thursday 2 December.  This obligation to wear a mask applies even if the distance between people is respected. Furthermore, teleworking is the rule.

For education, the measures remain the same. They are described in detail in the Protection and Organisation Plan for teaching at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels during the autumn semester 2021-2022 (in French). We remind you in particular that:

  • the wearing of a face mask is mandatory in the campus buildings;
  • only teachers may remove their masks during their teaching, provided that their position and movements allow them to remain more than 1.5 m from the students.

UNIL facilities are set up in accordance with sanitary regulations.

Face-to-face Teaching

Teaching has resumed on Tuesday 21 September 2021.


The Rectorate has taken the decision to extend, until the end of the fall semester, the measures intended to allow students who are not in possession of a COVID certificate to follow their studies.


It is therefore expected that a broadcast and/or recording of the courses will be maintained throughout the semester in order to allow for synchronous and/or asynchronous distance learning. For teachers, you can find more information on our "Teach" page.


UNIL also offers, until the end of the fall semester, the possibility for students who have not been vaccinated to benefit from a free PCR test on the basis of which a UNIL certificate will be issued, in accordance with the decisions of the Vaud State Council. More information under the heading "Tests and access certificates" (below).


The validity of these measures remains subject to possible modifications that would be enacted by the political authorities before their expiration, depending on the evolution of the pandemic situation.

Protection and organisation

The measures adopted to reorganise teaching in order to comply with health measures are described in the Protection and Organisation Plan for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level teaching during the autumn semester 2021-2022 (in French).

COVID certificate

On Wednesday 8 September, the Federal Council announced new measures to take control of the COVID-19 pandemic by extending the use of the COVID certificate from Monday 13 September. As far as higher education is concerned, the Confederation has given universities and cantons the option of making the certificate compulsory to attend courses.
The UNIL Rectorate has taken note of this decision and apply the obligation of the COVID certificate for bachelor, master and doctorate level courses.
The same obligation apply from Monday 13 September for events, the welcome week as well as for access to restaurants (2G rule), sports facilities and libraries on the Dorigny campus.


How to obtain the COVID certificate? Useful information :

I was vaccinated abroad:

Information on the rights of persons vaccinated abroad to obtain a Swiss COVID pass:

Students who have been vaccinated abroad and are waiting for their certificate to be recognised by the cantonal or federal authorities can go to one of the two testing centres at UNIL (see below) and receive an attestation allowing them to follow the courses. To do so, they must present their foreign certificate and an identity document. Please note that only the following vaccination schemes are recognised.

Table of foreign vaccine regimens for obtaining a certificate:

tableau shémas vaccinaux étrangers.png

Tests and access attestations

From Monday 4 October until the end of the fall semester (including the subsequent examination session), UNIL is offering students who have not been vaccinated the opportunity to take a free PCR test, on the basis of which a UNIL certificate will be issued to them, in accordance with the decision of the Vaud State Council of 15 September.

  • The attestation gives access to all UNIL classrooms & auditoriums on the Dorigny, Bugnon and Epalinges sites. It also gives access to all other Vaud higher education institutions as well as to the university (BCU) libraries and medical libraries.
  • This document is not the equivalent of a COVID certificate. Thus, it does not give access to cafeterias, sports facilities or to events subject to the COVID certificate requirement at UNIL or elsewhere.
  • The centres set up by UNIL take individual saliva samples which are grouped and analysed in batches of 10 by an external laboratory mandated by the Canton.
  • The certificate is issued immediately after the salivary sample is submitted and an identity document is produced; it is valid for one week.
  • If the virus is found in a batch, all persons in the batch will be contacted by the cantonal health authorities to undergo a confirmatory PCR test.
  • None of the personal data collected during this procedure is kept by UNIL.

Three tests centres are open on campus without appointment from 11:00 to 14:00. Days and locations vary during Holiday Season.



  • 20.12: Anthropole and Amphipôle
  • 21.12: Anthropole
  • 22.12: Amphipôle
  • 23.12: No tests available
  • 27.12: Unithèque
  • 28.12: Unithèque
  • 30.12: No tests available
  • from January 3rd to February 4th. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Unithèque.

People who received only the first dose of vaccine

Students who have started the vaccination scheme by receiving a first dose can go to one of the two UNIL testing centres (read above) to receive an attestation allowing them to follow the courses. 


Where can I get vaccinated? More information on the State of Vaud website.

Vaccinated persons, even if they have received two doses of the vaccine, are still required to respect the sanitary measures in force and to apply preventive measures at all times.

For collaborators, when the vaccination takes place during working hours, the resulting absence is considered as a medical visit.

The Rectorate reminds everyone that we have safe and effective vaccines. It considers that this is the best way to protect oneself from COVID-19, to protect others and to continue university activities in conditions as close to normal as possible. She therefore invites all members of the community to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 


For any questions related to tests, vaccination or the COVID certificate in the Canton of Vaud, please contact the cantonal physician's hotline: 058 715 11 00 or

Hand hygiene

Regular hand washing and disinfection are still recommended. 

Hand sanitizers are available at the entrances and in many places in the buildings.

How to react in case of symptoms?

Any person - employee or student - who feels symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 (cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, fever, sudden loss of smell and/or taste, cold, muscular pains, diarrhoea, vomiting) should immediately leave the campus, if present, wearing a mask.

The COVID-19 screening centres closest to the campus are :
Centre Médical de Vidy, VidyMed 
Route de Chavannes 11, 1004 Lausanne 
Open 7 days a week, from 9 am to 6 pm 
Call before coming 021 622 88 88 
EPFL campus  
Rue Jean-Daniel Colladon, 1024 Ecublens 
Test by appointment online, from Monday to Friday and from 8am to 5pm.  

List of other screening centres in the canton of Vaud 


General provisions

Teleworking and on-site work

Teleworking is the rule (more information)

You will find details on the organisation of doctoral activities under the heading "Information for doctoral students".

When working on site, sanitary measures must be respected:

  • Masks must be worn at all times in enclosed spaces where more than one person is present, regardless of distance, including while seated at a workplace in shared spaces or in vehicles used for work purposes.
  • Disinfection or regular hand washing
  • Regular ventilation of the premises
  • Only teachers may remove their masks while teaching, provided that their position and movements allow them to remain more than 1.5 m away from the students.

Some specific rules for buildings under the responsibility of the CHUV or EPFL apply.

More information on teleworking and on-site work at UNIL





For the Unithèque and Internef sites on the Dorigny campus and the University Library of Medicine on the CHUV site:

  • With the exception of the lending desks, where access is guaranteed without a COVID certificate, the presentation of a COVID certificate and an identity card is mandatory;
  • For students, the access certificate obtained from the UNIL test centers (info on this page under the heading "Tests and access certificates") is also valid with an ID only.

Other sites:


Food service

Access to the cafeterias is governed by the 2G principle (vaccinated or cured persons).

The presentation of a COVID certificate and an identity document is compulsory to access the cafeterias.

Detailed information on the opening hours of the cafeterias:

Inside, the number of people at each table is no longer limited. The obligation to be seated is maintained and it must be ensured that distances between groups of customers are respected. Registration of contact details is still required, but only one person per group is required. The mask must also be worn when not seated at the table.

Outside, the number of people at each table is no longer limited and the requirement to be seated for eating and drinking is removed. Distances between groups of customers must be maintained. However, it is no longer necessary to register the details of customers.

Other information about the campus cafeterias

  • Payment by campus card is strongly encouraged. The staff promotes its use by informing people of the possibility of loading the card at the dedicated terminals.


Access to the Dorigny campus buildings

From the week of 23 August, access to the main buildings is no longer subject to special restrictions.


Security of the premises

The campus premises are cleaned daily and the required surfaces disinfected. Hand sanitisers are installed at the entrance points of the buildings. In addition, sanitary facilities are regularly stocked with soap and disposable towels. 

For mechanically ventilated premises, adequate ventilation is guaranteed by the ventilation system, the operation of which is checked by the Unibat service. For other rooms, the windows must be opened for 5 to 10 minutes every hour by the users, as well as by the maintenance staff during cleaning. 

The workplaces of the employees have been supervised by UniSEP in order to guarantee the sanitary distance and the safety of the occupants, provided that they observe the rules of sanitary behaviour. 

The specific rules for buildings under the responsibility of the CHUV or EPFL apply.


Organisation of professional, research or associative events



The University Sports Centre is open according to the procedures available on the University Sports Service website:


Travel abroad

Travel abroad is subject to the recommendations of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and the regulations of the countries visited.

In order to support students and employees who travel outside Switzerland for their studies or professional activities, UNIL offers travel insurance as well as medical, security and logistical assistance. More information