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Request procedure

To request a students’ evaluation of your teaching, it is necessary to choose a questionnaire and then send an e-mail with all the needed information. It is also essential to prepare the evaluation in advance and to set up a follow-up. All these steps are detailed below. Other evaluation methods (e.g. focus groups) are available; do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Those who use the services and/or surveys offered by the CSE for the evaluation of their teaching agree to comply with the following Charter (French only) (PDF) 


1. Informing your students and scheduling the evaluation

In order to obtain a satisfying response rate, we recommend to communicate about this survey with your students. You may inform them of this process beforehand, explaining them the utility of the evaluation to you, as well as the ways and means/practical procedures that are used (reception of a unique link on their institutional email inbox, anonymity of their answers, etc.).

We also suggest that you allow your students 10-15 minutes during your class to fill in the chosen questionnaire. Thus, try to find the most suitable time to plan this sending. This will prevent the students from being overloaded and help achieve high response rates.

In addition, anticipate your feedback. If the course takes place over one semester, the evaluation can be realised halfway or two-thirds of the way through the course. If it is a two-semester course, the evaluation can take place at the end of the first semester and you could give a feedback to your students at the beginning of the next one.

2. Choosing a questionnaire

In case of

  • a face-to-face teaching, we recommend using one of the basic templates (with or without modification).
  • hybrid teaching, it is possible to use one of the basic templates and add to it a block of questions concerning online teaching and distance learning.
  • online teaching only, the following template is available (preview: ED; you can change the language in the top right of your screen).

If one of the basic templates available below suits you, copy its code/title and paste it on the e-mail of request (step 3). If you would like to modify or create a brand new questionnaire adapted to your specific needs, contact us


Code / title of the basic template


+ questions about distance learning



CO / course

télécharger download télécharger


COTC / course with additional activities

télécharger download télécharger


SE / workshop

télécharger download télécharger


TP / exercise sessions

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EL / language teaching

télécharger   télécharger


CT / field camp



PS / sports practices




3. Requesting the evaluation of your teaching by students

To request the online evaluation of your teaching by students, complete and send us this e-mail at least 3 working days before the date you would like us to send the questionnaire by indicating :

  • The teacher(s’) name(s) (person(s) who will receive the results)
  • The title of the course ;
  • The code/title of questionnaire that suits you;
  • The language of the questionnaire (French/English);
  • The date you would like the questionnaire to be sent;
  • A list of your students' e-mail addresses (Excel or CSV).

Please indicate the e-mail address on which you would like to receive the results if it happens to be a different one than You can also specify whether you would prefer to receive the results during a meeting with a pedagogical advisor or by post (the results are sent by email by default).

4. Realization of the evaluation

At the chosen time, the CSE send to each student a unique link that brings them to the survey. When a student submits their questionnaire completely filled in, the link is automatically broken. It is therefore not possible to define who answered what. A reminder is sent a few days later to the students who have not answered yet. The respondents’ list is handled automatically, in order to keep their anonymity. This process takes about 10 days.

5. Results processing

The answers are automatically submitted to the CSE. The results are compiled, analysed and sent to you by email in a period of up to 5 working days after the closing date of the questionnaire (more if a summary is produced). Depending on the number of requests and potential adjustments related to the sanitary situation, the aforesaid period of up to 5 days may be longer.

Content of the report :

  • If the average agreement on the closed questions is above 80%, the PDF of results will be made up of : 
    • an attestation, testifying your teaching has been evaluated by students;
    • a histogram showing the distribution of the answers to closed-ended questions;
    • a table of the numbers and percentages regarding the answers to the closed-ended questions;
    • a table containing the answers to the open-ended questions.
  • If the average agreement to closed questions is less than 80%, a summary of the quantitative and qualitative results is made and added to the PDF.
    The CSE evaluation summaries are produced to help teachers focus on the significant aspects of the evaluation results and to facilitate the reading and understanding of the results. Depending on the request, the summary can be produced at a later time.
  • When the number of respondents is less than 5, only the attestation and the qualitative results (answers to the open-ended questions) are sent to the teacher.

In order to guarantee the constructive orientation of the evaluation, the results remain strictly confidential. No one apart from the teacher and the person responsible for processing the surveys can access it. This person, although hired by UNIL, is subject to professional confidentiality. Please refer to the “Directives de la Direction”(1.4, 1.10, 1.15 and 1.16) in order to better understand which results should appear in your activities report.

To help you interpret student comments, you might want to refer to the Results Reading and Interpretation Guide (French only), which provides some suggestions about it. We are also available to discuss the results and help you with their interpretation.

6. Feedback to students

Experience shows that the quality and quantity of responses obtained are largely influenced by the feedback that students receive and the changes that are made to the teaching. Therefore it is essential to do so for the long-term benefit of the process. You will find different ways of communicating the results in the guide for reading and interpreting the results (French only). We are also available to help you develop one!



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In view of the current situation, students' evaluation of teaching will be carried out exclusively online.

For the school of Medicine

The evaluation of the Medicine School's teaching by the students is carried out by the UpMed.

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