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The evolution of the coronavirus epidemic is monitored by the University of Lausanne, in conjunction with the cantonal authorities. Here is useful information for employees of the UNIL community.


Like all UNIL employees, apprentices are asked to stay away from the campus and, as far as possible, to telework. In any case, they remain at home at the disposal of their employer, except on the usual course days, which are dedicated to following the distance learning courses set up by the vocational schools.

It is essential that trainers maintain regular contact with their apprentices. UNIL recommends agreeing on periodic distance learning interviews (e.g. once a day or twice a week depending on the needs). If you have any questions, you can contact the Human Resources Department by e-mail ( or telephone (021 692 45 11).


Doctoral students

The Graduate Campus hopes that you are doing well during this period and that you are coping as best you can with this very unusual situation.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your doctorate. We remain available by phone or online (on all the usual platforms) for advice, to answer questions, or simply to listen and support you during this time.

We are also converting as many workshops as feasible to an online format, for as long as the campus remains closed. If you have audio and video connection, and some unexpected time available, why not take the opportunity to sign up?

Some of our activities have already taken place online, and the feedback has been really positive. Participants told us how much they appreciated the experience: trainers make sure that the interaction is lively, the learning is dynamic, and everyone comes away with something concrete. Among our upcoming workshops you can sign up for example for applications for opportunities beyond academia, or using online networks. You'll find details of all activities under 

E-learning courses

During this special time, take advantage of developing your skills with the LinkedIn Learning online learning solution offered by the IT Centre. Programming, marketing, IT tools, photography and many other topics are explored through a range of more than 14'000 training courses, available 24 hours a day.

You will be able to access free content in 7 languages, quality videos with transcribed text and applications that allow you to learn from mobile devices. The training courses are downloadable and can be taken offline. Some courses also include exercises. Read more in this article.


Financial Continuity

After first handling the flow of salary payments and then supplier invoices, the Finance Department opens the way for the processing of other types of financial transactions such as the management of expense reports, claims, openings of funds, financial reports for research funds, etc. Detailed explanations have been communicated to those with financial responsibility, including the administrative heads of faculties and services. Please forward your accounting documents to your respective administrative officers, who will then transfer them to the Financial Service.

Supplier invoices

UNIL makes every effort to pay suppliers' invoices on time so as not to exacerbate the financial difficulties that many of them may face. A new procedure with a dematerialization of the validations has been set up and communicated to the Faculties and departments.

Cancellation of trips

UNIL covers the costs related to activities or travel if they are not reimbursed to the participants by third parties (organizer, airline, hotel, etc.) or when the travel insurance does not cover them.

Reimbursement of expenses

UNIL treats all of its financial commitments in order of priority by ensuring first of all the remuneration of its employees and the process of its suppliers' invoices. Other commitments such as expense reports or claims will be dealt with gradually and according to the resources available).

Employees who would have had significant expenses with their own money (amount exceeding CHF 1'000) can request an advance payment by sending a motivated request through the hierarchical channel.

Your contacts in the Finance Department

If you have any questions:
For critical emergencies: Nathalie Ferland, Department Head,


Infrastructure and access to the campus

  • UNIL’s buildings are closed. This situation is bound to last. For the time being, the campus is scheduled to remain closed until April 30.
  • Persons authorized by their superiors to visit the campus inform UNISEP by telephone on 021 692 20 00 of their arrival and departure times, at the latest upon their arrival on campus. The employee must have their Campus Card with them. For the safety of these persons, who will be alone in empty premises, checks are carried out in the buildings.
  • Staff members are required to stay at home. As long as possible and in agreement with their hierarchy, the activity is carried out by teleworking.
  • For teaching support services, distance assistance is to be preferred by contacting the following address:
  • Only those teachers who imperatively need the face-to-face support organised by the Teaching Support Centre (CSE – Centre de soutien à l’enseignement) to ensure the continuation of their teaching, as well as those staff members who have been explicitly authorised to do so by their hierarchy (Dean, Head of Department or Rectorate, depending on their role), may come to the campus.
  • Persons who fulfil these conditions and visit the campus must comply with the regulations on hygiene and social distance. They must have their Campus Card with them. For any emergency on campus, they can contact Unisep on 021 692 20 00.
  • In order to promote compliance with the recommendations regarding the use of public transport, parking spaces are available for all employees who are called to the campus. Simply press the "Information" button on the terminal at the entrance to the car park, and you will be guaranteed access to the car park.
  • There is no catering service on campus.
  • The sports fields are closed.


Institutional continuity

  • As part of its crisis management system, the Rectorate and its support departments are currently prioritizing support measures to ensure the institution's continuity. Of course, it is not yet possible, for the time being, to provide detailed answers to all the questions related to a given individual situation.
  • The payment of salaries is guaranteed.
  • The Rectorate regularly informs the Deans and Heads of Department about the system put in place and the progress of the accompanying measures.
  • The Human Resources Department is at your disposal by e-mail, according to the usual processes:
  • On the IT front, the Helpdesk team has tripled its resources to be able to cope with the increased demand. The IT Helpdesk can be contacted by telephone on 021 692 22 11 or by e-mail at
  • The website of the IT Department is constantly being updated to provide you with help in using its services, particularly with regard to videoconferencing and teleworking solutions.


Mail and parcel delivery

Since last week, mail has been decreasing significantly. This is why the Buildings and Works Service (Unibat) has decided to change the pace of mail and parcel delivery as of today. For the week from 23 to 27 March, the rounds will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the morning. Depending on the volume, an update will be made at the weekend. It is likely that the pace will be further reduced in the following days. For those concerned by mail collection, avoid any unnecessary travel and only come on the corresponding days or even less according to the instructions given to you by your hierarchy.



Many people have been receiving malicious emails over the past few days, stating that "your incoming emails have been blocked". If you receive such an email, DO NOT CLICK on the links it contains and report it to If in doubt, you can also contact this support team. As a reminder, the IT department never blocks emails. Anti-spam tools and information on how to avoid phishing are available here. The IT Centre also produces detailed articles on this topic at


SNSF communication to researchers

The Swiss National Science Foundation yesterday published important information for recipients of research grants and subsidies, as well as for those who administer them.

In order to provide the best possible support to scientists, the SNSF is prepared to be flexible with regard to the deadlines and extensions of the grants. However, it is up to the researchers to undertake the actions described by the SNSF on its website.

With regard to the funding of new projects, the SNSF is extending the deadline for the submission of applications from 1 April to 8 April 2020.

Your contact for further information: vé


SNSF Research Fund: Financial management

The management of the SNSF research funds is up-to-date, including bookkeeping, webreporting, applications for the opening of funds and interim financial reports (which the Finance Department sends directly to the SNSF).

The SNSF has granted an extension of 8 weeks for the submission of the final financial reports. Due to legal requirements, these reports still have to be signed by hand by the project leaders according to the instructions you will receive if you are concerned.

Important: If your SNSF project has been completed more than one month ago and you have not yet received any invoices, please notify the Finance Department at with all the necessary details (fund holder, fund number, amounts involved, suppliers, etc.).

Reminders :

The Finance Service ensures the full continuation of UNIL's financial management during this difficult period. All documents should be sent to it through your respective administrative managers, who have received instructions and will answer your questions.

It is the responsibility of the researchers to apply directly to the SNSF for a possible extension of the duration of their project, with or without additional funding. 


Teleworking tools and advices

The UNIL network is accessible from your home thanks to the installation of a VPN on your computer. The WebEx tool allows it to carry out videoconferences with two or more people. There are also solutions to collaborate with several people on documents or to send large files. All the resources and documentation necessary for teleworking are available at

Have you thought about taking a break today? When working at home, it is essential to maintain a routine, alone and with colleagues, but also to set boundaries with your private life. To organise your activity in the best possible way during this particular period, discover the good practice guide, the first part of a series of resources on telework, elaborated by UNIL services. You will find all the useful advice you need to maintain your well-being and motivation.

Ergonomics at work

Eye fatigue, back pain, poor blood circulation... These physical discomforts can occur when you have an unsuitable work space. In order to prevent these problems, a second series resources dedicated to telework has been set up. You will find relevant advice on how to create an ergonomic space that preserves your posture and eyes, and tips on how to plan breaks during the day. For those who do not have access to this content, all the recommendations will be posted on in a PDF format.


University Sports is thinking of you

While we are all confined or almost all at home, the opportunities to move around, to play sports with friends have disappeared. And yet, movement is essential for keeping fit both physically and mentally. Suggestions of all kinds are flooding the net: challenges, serious strengt training, chair work, floor work... How do you choose? What to really do?

On the University Sports Lausanne website, experts choose for you the most trustworthy pages, or share with you their own videos that will guide you safely through your sessions. Several times a week they post images, videos or links relating to fitness, relaxation, stretching, nutrition, in short, everything you need to take into account to maintain a good physical condition in this period of confinement.

Go to or