SNF Project 2012-2015

Damir Skenderovic (University of Fribourg), Oscar Mazzoleni, Carolina Rossini (University of Lausanne) & Zoé Kergomard (University of Fribourg)

SNF Project, Division 1
 - Contract no: 100011-137811/1
Fr. 326.848.-
 / 36 months (2012-2015)

Political Parties and Election Campaigns in Post-war Switzerland

The main aim of the project is to examine continuity and change in election campaigns that have been led by the main Swiss political parties from the late 1940s to the 2000s. Taking into consideration approaches of a renewed political history, political sociology and communication sciences, the research includes, on the one hand, an examination of the development that has taken place in the organisation of campaigning. On the other hand, the project analyses election campaigns as periods of intense public communication, in which images, symbols and rituals are of high relevance and parties provide particular perceptions and interpretations of politics and society. Looking at the federal elections, the research focuses not only at the national level, but also the cantons of Zurich, Vaud and Ticino.

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