International Mediation Advanced




The course will cover some of the following topics: the history and future of mediation, the psychology of conflict, negotiation and cultural context. The course also covers the various stages of a mediation, each delegate is guided on how to successfully navigate each stage effectively. Students will learn the importance of mediation and the development of mediation in the legal world. The course includes face to face teaching from our international mediation experts, and group activities in which students will learn basic mediation skills. 





Rahim Shamji

Zoe Giannopoulou




disputes.jpgInternational Business Disputes

transactions.jpg International Business Transactions



3 ECTS credits

Those students who wish to have an opportunity to become ADR-ODR certified civil and commercial mediators ( benefit from a reduced fee for that certificate course which will immediately follow the two-day LL.M. Course on International Mediation Advanced (on 10, 12, 13 and 14 June 2023).

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