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Section d'anglais
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Since arriving in Lausanne in 2017, my work has increasingly focused on the role of French in late-medieval England, both as an instructed language and as a vernacular facilitating cultural contact with the continent. I take up these topics in French Lessons in Late-Medieval England (Arc Humanities Press, 2023) and in the edition of the Middle English translation of the Roman des sept sages that I am preparing with Alison Wiggins (Glasgow). I am also interested in matters of reception and, in particular, in the various domestic contexts in which medieval readers encountered Middle English literature. These themes are broached in my monograph, Author, Scribe, and Book in Late Medieval English Literature (D. S. Brewer, 2018) and in a collection of essays that I have co-edited with Glenn Burger, Household Knowledges in Late-Medieval England and France (Manchester University Press, 2020). Some of my most recent work considers the possibility of queer receptions and the representation of queer identities in the medieval household. 
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