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Elvis Coimbra Gomes earned his PhD in Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London in 2021, after having received an MA degree in English (2016) and a BA degree in Film Studies at UNIL (2014). He is currently completing an MA degree in language teaching at the HEP-VD, while teaching at the English Department. In his research, Elvis applies qualitative and quantitative tools from sociolinguistics (critical discourse analysis, ethnography, corpus linguistics) on two different levels: 
Focusing on sexuality and gender-related obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Elvis is interested in exploring how affected people orient in their discourse towards normative ideas of selfhood, gender, sexuality and mental health when making sense of their experience.
Elvis is also interested in understanding the different ways language and ideology get intertwined in discourse for social and political goals. For instance, he has recently explored the role of metonymy in anti-genderist discourses when framing feminist and LGBT+ groups as dangerous Others. 
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