Public Policy and Evaluation

The unit of Public Policy and Evaluation pursues two main objectives in research, teaching, and consulting activities.

In comparative public policy, we focus on policy fields and political institutions. Public policy scholars share the view that in each of these arenas political actors find different political conditions for making policy decision. We call these differences policy attributes. Policy attributes are characteristics of a certain issue area that influence how political actors perceive, embrace and shape policies. Hence, our work aims to answer the question of how different policy attributes affect the decision-making process. The unit’s previous work has investigated how policy attributes influence parliamentary oversight across political fields.

Within policy evaluation, our research centers around the role of policy evaluations in the political system. Evaluations assess states’ measures with respect to their effectiveness, efficiency or fitness for purpose. In doing so, policy evaluations have established themselves as an independent discipline. In Switzerland, evaluations are increasingly institutionalized and have acquired a significant status in policy-making. Our main goal is to understand how and when policy evaluations influence the political process. Prior to that, we studied why members of parliament request policy evaluations.

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Prof. Pirmin Bundi
Unit director
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