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Essay Tutoring

Writing is a lifelong learning process, even among the most experienced writers. We are always learning how to write better, more clearly, more effectively and convincingly. As such, the English Department is pleased to offer tutoring services for all BA students. You can find our tutors in some first-year classes and they are also available for individual sessions. All BA students – but particularly first year students – are encouraged to make use of this opportunity. 

Students are welcome to bring essay outlines, drafts or corrected essays to discuss with our tutors during the one-on-one consultations. Tutors do not proofread and/or edit assignments. Rather, they help students to develop effective writing skills and editing strategies, to spot and prioritise issues to work on, and to become more confident writers and better readers of their own writing. Moreover, those tutors who attend the IELL tutorials can also help students in grasping different linguistic concepts.

Students who need help with their literature essays can either drop in at the office ANT 5138.1, or book an appointment (at least 24 hours in advance), from 6 November until 22 December 2023 during the following times:

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Students who need help with their linguistic essays or IELL must book an appointment with a tutor (at least 24 hours in advance) from 6–17 November and 18–22 December 2023 during the following times:

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In order to book an appointment with a tutor, please consult the booking page below. 

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Questions about the department’s tutoring service can be sent to tutorat-anglais@unil.ch.

Tutors - Autumn 2023

Joséphine Dishpalli_A2023.jpeg

Joséphine Dishpalli (she/her) - Linguistics

Oscar Jordan_A2023.jpeg

Oscar Jordan (he/him) - linguistics

Alexandra Wegner_A2023.jpeg

Aleksandra Wenger (she/her) - linguistics

Kathryn Coppola_A2023.jpeg

Kathryn Coppola (she/her) - literature

Ludovick Flachat (hehim).jpg

Ludovic Flachat (he/him) - literature

Léa_Hottinger (sheher).jpg

Léa Hottinger (she/her) - literature

Lola Mukuna (sheher).jpg

Lola Mukuna (she/her) - literature

Marie_Rossier (sheher).jpeg

Marie Rossier (she/her) - literature

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