Part-time Master

Part-time Master
Under certain conditions, a Master programme can be followed part-time. In this case, it corresponds to part-time studies (50%) over the total duration of the studies. It is not possible to change from full-time studies to part-time studies during a programme.
The student must express and justify his intention to follow part-time studies when he applies to the master but no later than the Friday preceding the beginning of the courses of the first semester of registration. The semester fees for part-time studies are the same as those for full-time studies.

Reasons allowing to request part-time studies:

1. Medical reasons, if they are important and durable (handicap, disease or consequences of an accident); join a medical certificate attesting the situation.

2. Family reasons, if they are important and durable, such as, in particular, a person depending on you (child, sick or handicapped husband, wife or parents, etc); join a document attesting the situation: copy of the family record book, medical certificate, etc.

3. Professional reasons, when the candidate has to work (minimum of 30%, master training course or a position as an assistant student at UNIL not included); as soon as he is in possession of the documents attesting his employment - letter of the employer attesting the rate of engagement as well as the duration of the contract - the student forwards them to the Admissions Office. The documents attesting his employment has to cover at least the duration of the first year of studies. The faculty verifies at the time of the request and after the first two semesters that the student is in employment. If the student is not any more in employment before the end of the first year of studies, he resumes his studies full-time from the third semester on, as far as the semesterisation of teachings allows it. In this case the number of semesters studied part-time is divided by two to be counted in the total duration of full-time studies.

4. Personal project, for example an artistic cultural, associative, humanitarian, professional (off UNIL), sportive (high level) project, etc; join a file describing the project.

More information, see la Directive sur les bachelors et les masters à temps partiel (50%)
Grants / scholarships : in some cases scholarships are not granted for part-time studies (part-time Master). It is therefore advised to contact the authorities granting the scholarship.
The University of Lausanne requires from all candidates applying for part-time studies for professional reasons the proof of an employment of at least 30%, meaning a minimum of 12h00 per week.



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