Irving Lab alumni

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PhD and master’s student graduates

  • Alessia Desposito, Master's student internship, University of Geneva, 2021-2022
  • Dimitrios Alatzoglou: PhD graduate, thesis title: Rendering adoptively transferred T cells resistant to cyclic adenosine monophosphate-mediated suppression, 2021
  • Jesus Corria Osorio, MD: PhD graduate, thesis title: Novel combinatorial gene-engineered T-cell transfer strategy that reprograms the tumor immune landscape for enhanced tumor control and survival, 2020
  • Elisabetta Cribioli: PhD graduate, thesis title: Novel gene-engineering strategies to direct and enhance T-cell activity against solid tumors, 2019
  • Elise Gray-Gaillard: Whitaker International Fellowship intern and Master’s graduate (joint with Profs. Olivier Michelin & Vincent Zoete), thesis title: Evaluating the effect of TCR-pMHC binding affinity on CD8+ T-cell responsiveness, 2019
  • Konstantinos Kiritsis: Medical Master’s student graduate, thesis title: Development of anti-VEGFR3 CAR T cells for targeting tumor lymphatics, 2017
  • Fernanda Herrera, MD: PhD graduate, thesis title: Transient tumor microenvironment re-programming by low-dose irradiation fosters responsiveness of advanced ovarian cancer to combinatorial immunotherapy, 2017

Former postdoctoral scientists and research associates

  • Dr Giorgia Rota: Research associate, 2017-2019
  • Dr Gopinadh Jakka: Post-doctoral scientist, 2013-2017
  • Dr Sandro Manni (joint with Pr Immanuel Luescher): Post-doctoral scientist, 2014-2016
  • Dr Yang Liu (joint with Pr Immanuel Luescher): Post-doctoral scientist, 06.2014-08.2017
  • Dr Caroline Poisson (joint with Prs Olivier Michelin & Vincent Zoete): Post-doctoral scientist, 2013-2015
  • Dr Daniela Calderlari Guex (joint with Prs Olivier Michelin & Vincent Zoete): Research associate, 2013-2015
  • Dr Nahzli Dilek (joint with Prs Olivier Michelin & Vincent Zoete): Post-doctoral scientist, 2015-2018

Former technicians

  • Alexandre Casel, 2017-2018
  • Kelly Ascencao (joint with Prs Olivier Michelin & Vincent Zoete), 2015-2018

Visiting students, scientists and internships

  • Mauricio Garcia: US Fullbright fellowship, Harvard College, 2021
  • Giulia D’Accardio: Master’s student internship, thesis title: Gene modifications to enhance the function of tumor-directed T cells, University of Padova, 2021
  • Jean Guillaume, Apprenticeship, 2021
  • Margaux Saillard, Apprenticeship, 2020
  • Dr Charlotte Griessen, Internship, 2020
  • Hugo Legenne, Undergraduate trainee, 2019
  • Rebecca Balz, Apprenticeship, 2019
  • Marius Kulp : Undergraduate student internship, 2018
  • Gwendoline Wicki: EPFL Master’s student internship, 2017
  • Isabel Gruber: BNF Trainee, 2017
  • Bahareh Khoramdin: BNF Trainee, 2017
  • Bastien Marti (joint with Prs Olivier Michelin & Vincent Zoete): Civil Service, 2017
  • Petros Tyrakis: Visiting MB/PhD Medical student fellow from University of Cambridge, 2017
  • Magela Motalvo Bereau: Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship, visiting student from The CIM, Cuba, 2016
  • Roli Siddarth: BNF Trainee, 2016

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