Financial support

Reduced semestrial taxes

All UNIL students participating in an exchange program remain fully registered at the UNIL, but pay reduced UNIL fees of CHF 180.- per semester. They are not required to pay semester fees at the host university.

More information: SASME

Mobility grants

Most students going on exchange receive a grant ; the amount depends on the type of exchange agreement: SEMP (ex-Erasmus), HEC Faculty agreements, UNIL General agreements or Swiss mobility.

More information: SASME

SEMP agreements (ex-Erasmus)

A grant of CHF 320.- per month will be paid by the Swiss Confederation.

A language studies grant of CHF 300.- can be requested for selected students if a language course is followed in the host university.

HEC Faculty agreements

Students going on exchange within the HEC agreements will receive a Faculty grant of CHF 2500.- or CHF 1500.- per semester, depending on the destination.

University-wide agreements

A grant of CHF 2500.- per semester (overseas) and CHF 1500.- per semester (Europe) will be paid to each selected student.

Swiss Mobility

A grant of CHF 500.- per semester is given to the student if the exchange is done in another linguistic region.

Free Mover

For students who wish to study abroad as a "Free Mover", the UNIL will not be able to provide any financial support, but students can request a partial dispensation of the Unil semester fees, it's called a congé restreint (CHF 210.- instead of CHF 580.-). See the form: "Demande de congé"

Marco Lietti Grant

This grant, worth CHF 10'000.- is given to a student, who cannot afford the extra cost of a semester/year abroad as an exchange student.

She / he must be of academic excellence. A "demande d'aide financière" form has to be submitted with the grant application. When receiving this grant, the student won't receive the HEC Faculty grant in case of selection in the HEC Faculty agreements.

SEMP placements in Europe

SEMP (Swiss-European Mobility Programme) is the programme which replaces the Erasmus placements programme.

The SEMP placements programme lets you go on placement to a firm, hospital, laboratory, school, etc. in Europe whilst benefiting from a grant.

More information at the SASME.

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