Academic Writing for Doctoral Students (from B2)

info.gifThis module is principally for doctoral students. Tasks will be based on topics selected by the participants.

From the spring semester 2022, this course is given in HyFlex mode (comodal).

Learning outcomes

  • Write clear, well-structured, extended academic texts in an appropriate style (articles, reports, thesis abstracts, introductions, results, discussions, conclusions, etc.)
  • Employ adequate argumentative techniques (describe a process, give a point of view, exemplify ideas, define terms, etc.)
  • Apply the conventions, language and principles of academic writing in one's own field
  • Know how to use references and citation without plagiarism
  • Maintain a high level of grammatical accuracy
  • Understand intercultural and/or interdisciplinary differences in academic writing
  • Edit one's own and colleagues' texts, providing constructive feedback and improving them stylistically and grammatically

Practical information

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Structure of the module
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Timetable Fixed according to the availability of the participants All information
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*When indicated, the multimedia space for independent learning (EMA) is an integrated part of the course. It can be “online registration” or “free access” (details)

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