Arriving as a couple

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If you have just been recruited to UNIL, the Welcome Centre can help your partner explore the available career opportunities. 

Family members of UNIL professors may also benefit from advice from an external service to help them in their job search. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Welcome Centre.

General information

When you start to look for a job in Switzerland, it is important to learn about the actions you need to take and the particular features of the Swiss labour market.

Other particularly useful resources include the English-language booklet produced by our colleagues at ETH Zurich to help students and young researchers looking for a job and the website Travailler en Suisse : rechercher un emploi en Suisse & vivre en Suisse [Working in Switzerland: looking for work and living in Switzerland]. 

Looking for work in the higher education sector

The swissuniversities’ Carrière2 website provides a great deal of useful information and links on looking for working in higher education and research (in French).

Euraxess, the European network supporting mobility for researchers, also has a list of job offers available online.

UNIL vacancies are listed on a dedicated jobs portal

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