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Dr. Mélanie Bosson


Co-Director | Doctorate and Institutional Policy for Early Career Researchers


PhD in Educational Sciences (University of Geneva)

Implementation of the transversal program of competency development at CUSO and the UNIL Graduate Campus


Responsible for the support of doctoral researchers (workshops for doctoral researchers and their supervisors, individual advice, annual thesis survey) and for the policies regarding the relève scientifique (Commission de la Relève Scientifique, doctoral programs, rules & regulations). 

melanie.bosson@unil.ch | +41 21 692 21 31

Dr. Verity Elston


Co-Director | Professional and Career Development


PhD in Anthropology (University of Chicago)

Professional experience in various fields and employment sectors, including entrepreneurship, start-ups and research institutes

Certified as a coach and trainer


Responsible for the professional and career development of researchers (workshops, individual counselling), annual career tracking survey, contact with alumni and employers, and advice for the UNIL Rectorate. 

verity.elston@unil.ch | +41 21 692 20 09

Dr. Pauline Fritsch


Deputy | Doctorate and Institutional Policy for Early Career Researchers


PhD in Biology (University of Fribourg)

Coordinator of doctoral programs in biology and of a continuing education program at the University of Neuchâtel for two years (2020-2022). 


Support for doctoral researchers (workshops, individual advice, annual thesis survey) and coordination of the doctoral network within the faculties, the Commission de la Relève Scientifique and the PhD Admission Committee 

pauline.fritsch@unil.ch | +41 21 692 21 29

Dr. Martine Schaer


Deputy | Professional and Career Development


PhD in Social Sciences (University of Neuchâtel) 

Research on the trajectories of academic researchers at the beginning of their careers, and the impact of mobility and gender mechanisms on their professional and personal lives


Support for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers on career and professional development issues (workshops and individual counselling), career tracking survey on the professional paths of UNIL PhDs

martine.schaer@unil.ch | +41 21 692 21 66

Dr. Shervine Nafissi


Communications Manager


PhD in Sports Law (University of Lausanne) 

Professional experience as a sports lawyer and lecturer (UNIL, HEIG-VD) 

Freelance photographer  


Promotion of Graduate Campus activities among doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, faculties and UNIL services

shervine.nafissi@unil.ch | +41 21 692 23 52

Véronique Longchamp


Graduate Campus Coordinator


Diploma in Commercial Studies and Executive Assistance

Implementation of the funding scheme Mobi.Doc 


Coordination of the Graduate Campus programme of workshops and management of the registration platform.

veronique.longchamp@unil.ch | +41 21 692 20 80

Our missions

The mission of the Graduate Campus is to inform and support every doctoral and postdoctoral researcher, to help them achieve their personal goals, at UNIL and beyond. The very specialized and advanced profiles of early career researchers require a personalized approach and advice, while capitalizing on the transversal skills that every researcher acquires through their work.

A PhD or postdoc also has multiple status and functions inside the university, multiplying the number of services to turn to. The Graduate Campus is here to help declutter the administrative procedures and questions you may experience, and point you directly to the right desk!

Because your scientific and disciplinary training is a Faculty matter, the Graduate Campus focuses on the transversal skills and common aspects of a doctoral or postdoctoral experience. Through the workshops, open to members of all seven faculties, we also serve as a mixing point for scientific cultures and practices.

The people currently engaged in a PhD or on a postdoc position constitute the next generation of scientists who will enrich both academia and society with their critical minds, curiosity and passion. The Graduate Campus provides career guidance and counselling, whatever the path chosen. The professional and generic skills acquired through research, teaching and working as a young researcher are invaluable to future employers - if they're expressed in the right way. Aim for success!


A few statistics

Our target group is composed of the 2189 PhD students enroled in one of the 29 PhD specialties at UNIL, and also of the 450 postdoctoral researchers (PhD holders currently employed on a non-permanent position).

We also reach out to the people supervising this group (professors, PI, senior researchers), and the administrative staff in charge of PhD programs, HR, and faculty deans.

This holistic approach aims at ensuring the best possible experience and research atmosphere, for everyone.


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