During the PhD

The PhD is an extended intellectual and scientific endeavour, during which you will learn and perfect tools and methods, present your approach and results to colleagues, here and abroad, in English or French.

The first structure that will be offered to you, whether mandatory or voluntary, is the doctoral programme. These programmes regroup all or part of the PhD candidates in the same scientific field, along with professors and external teachers, in western Switzerland.

You can also take part in activities and training offered by the University of Lausanne directly, to sharpen skills both in your field or in the area of "soft" or "transferable skills".

The doctorate can also be a time of doubts, questioning, and all sorts of morale swings. Many people and services are there for you in those times, beginning with your peers active in the PhD and postdoc associations. They can easily relate to what you are experiencing right now, and give you tips on what to do. Other support networks exist, like the Mediation Office, the Graduate Campus itself, and the psychotherapeutic consultations of the SASME.

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