Women’s mentoring network in French-speaking Switzerland

The Réseau romand de mentoring pour femmes supports women at the start of their scientific career, through individual mentoring and wider meetings.

Mentoring has two main aims:

  • Helping women to resolve practical difficulties associated with the organization of academic life and completing scientific projects.
  • Creating a network of contacts between women in French-speaking universities in Switzerland, which allows them to share information and increase the chances of success of women in the next generation.

The mentoring program offers you close contact with a male or female mentor (professor) in Switzerland or abroad. The relationship with the mentor is a matter for the individuals concerned, based on the documentation provided and the mentee’s wishes. Mentoring aims to provide references, strategies and useful information about academic careers and introduces the mentee to the academic and scientific networks of the mentor and their peers.

The network is run as a joint venture by the Equal Opportunities Offices of the universities of Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and EPFL. It is aimed at female researchers from the next generation of academics in the partner institutions.

The 11th edition of the programme is underway and will end in December 2022.

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