Summer & Winter Schools

École d'été 2023 | La démocratie environnementale
Lundi 19, mardi 20 & mercredi 21 juin 2023
Save the date - Probing Innovation: Prospecting, Valuing, and Negotiating F®ictions...
1st STS Lab Summer School, University of Lausanne, co-organised by PaSTIS, University of Padova, and LHST-EPFL, supported by STS-CH and SNF
About us
UNIL's summer and winter schools bring together students from all over the world for intensive courses with a multidisciplinary focus.
Each programme combines lectures by internationally renowned researchers, workshops and interactive sessions in a serious but relaxed working atmosphere.
The UNIL Summer and Winter Schools are open to students at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. Professionals can be accepted in specific programmes. For more information, please consult the dedicated page for your chosen course.
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