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  • If you are a bachelor or master student at UNIL or EPFL or another higher education institution, we kindly ask you to contact the FMEL (Fondation maisons pour étudiants Lausanne).
  • If you work at EPFL, we kindly ask you to contact the Housing Information Service at EPFL
  • If you are a member of UNIL staff or an academic host from abroad, please find more information below.
***For your information, all our studios are busy until May 2022***

The Vortex opened in the summer of 2020, just outside the Dorigny campus. It is a vibrant area with many facilities: a restaurant, a rooftop bar with a unique view of the lake and the mountains, a nursery, a multipurpose hall and a number of other local shops and businesses.

The Vortex has 62 fully furnished apartments, and around ten unfurnished apartments, reserved for people coming from abroad, in particular those employed by UNIL. Its friendly environment, lively while also academic, owes much to the presence of the many students who live there.



The accommodation is exclusively for the use of UNIL staff and academic visitors newly arrived from abroad or outside the canton of Vaud.

The following are eligible:

  • Teachers-researchers
  • Visiting professors
  • Junior lecturers and post-doctoral researchers
  • Graduate assistants and PhD students
  • Academic guests
  • Administrative and technical staff


What documents do I need to give to the real estate agency once my application has been approved by the Welcome Centre?
  • A copy of your identity card or passport
  • A copy of your contract of employment/letter of invitation, including your gross monthly pay
  • A copy of the extract from the debt collection register for those who have been living in Switzerland for over three months.
What is meant by a deposit?

This is a sum of money used by the landlord as security in case there is damage to the apartment. It is given back to the tenant when he or she leaves the apartment, if no serious damage is identified.

For rentals of 3 months and more you can also call on a surety company which will offer a guarantee on your behalf, subject to conditions. 

What is the notice period for termination?

The tenancy cannot be terminated if the stay is shorter than three months.

From the fourth month onwards, the notice period is three months, at the end of the month.

Is it possible to extend my rental agreement? 

For any request related to extension of the tenancy, please contact the Welcome Centre while your rental agreement has at least three months to run.


Pets are not allowed in Vortex' accommodations. 

What is it SERAFE?

Once you are registered as a Vortex resident you could receive an invoice from SERAFE. It is mandatory for all households to pay a radio-television licence fee which costs CHF 335.- per year. This is device-independent and must in principle be paid by every household. The fee will be collected by Serafe AG. Serafe will automatically send every household an invoice, using data from the cantonal and municipal registers of residents.

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